Green Roof Installation

Is your commercial roof older than 15 years, and causing your energy bills to rise? For an improved energy-efficient and sustainable roofing system, you may find a green roof installation in Austin, TX to be the ideal system! With years of experience in the roofing industry, our crew is happy to help you with any and all of your roof needs. To discover more speak to one of our roofing experts at (512) 299-6576 today!

What is A Green Roof?

green roofDespite how frequently the term green roofing is utilized, it can be difficult to discern precisely what that means, as it’s frequently utilized in varying contexts. From roof solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption, to options that provide lower temperatures and reduction of greenhouse gas production, there is a green roof option for everyone in Austin, TX.

Energy Efficient and UV Protectant

In many scenarios, a green roof is any roof that improves a building’s energy efficiency as well as reduces its carbon footprint, such as an acrylic or silicone roof coatings. By allowing the contractors to apply a roof coating over the existing roof, the current roofing it will last years longer, preventing waste and disposal pollution. Additionally, roof coatings can improve a building’s UV resistance, which later leads to less energy consumption, saving you substantially on energy costs. These roofing solutions are typically slightly more pricey than other types of roofing materials, but provide unrivaled protection from weathering and wear. To learn more about your green roofing options to reduce your energy use and cost, call our roofing experts at (512) 299-6576.

Vegetative Solutions to Heat Absorption

Green roofing has also been known to refer to roofs that are actually coated with living plants.

While still not commonplace, these roofs are becoming much more popular and more contractors are exploring the effects of green roofing for cooling buildings as well as the air that is around those structures. Roof systems with organic plant life have been shown to lower temperatures within heavily populated areas quite effectively. Also, these roofing systems offer a platform for native plant life to grow which benefits the local environment. By including this variety of green roof installation, heavily populated cities are able to combat urban heat problems, as well as cut down on greenhouse gases produced by extreme energy requirements. Some buildings even use their green roofing systems to plant vegetable gardens or form habitats for local bird species.

You can reach our crew of experts at (512) 299-6576 if you’d like to discover more about green roof installation in Austin, TX or the surrounding areas. Our roof contractors are extremely experienced, and we can assist you with any and all of your green roofing requirements. We understand that quality roof systems stem from quality materials, so we take time to purchase only top quality materials to work with.