Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks?

What is the Best Roof Coating?

There are a number of excellent roof coatings available on the market. But which one is right for your climate and your roof specifications? Please review the following list that briefly reviews some of your possible roof coating choices.

  • Acrylic roof coating. If you live in an environment that has a high level of ultraviolet rays, it is important for you to consider an acrylic roof coating. Acrylic roof coatings can be sold in different colors, but they usually come in the colors white, tan, and grey.
  • Silicone roof coating. Like acrylic roof coatings, these coatings perform exceptionally well in areas of the country with high levels of ultraviolet rays. When rain is a daily occurrence, silicone roof coating are preferable due to its ability to handle ponding water.
  • Asphalt roof coating. Asphalt coatings can be emulsions or solvent-based “cut-backs.” These coatings can be either black or aluminized.
  • Polyurethane roof coating. Urethanes are recognized to have excellent mechanical properties and high abrasion resistance. For roofs that experience high levels of foot traffic, polyurethane roof coatings are optimal.
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Is Roof Coating Any Good?

If you require Commercial roof coatings and restorations it is important for you to select the right roofing company and the right kind of roof coating. And yet the question remains: are roof coatings any good? If you are a property owner on a budget, one of the best options you can choose for your low or flat-slope roof is a roof coating. Roof coatings act as a barrier to harmful UV rays and can limit expansion and contraction cycles that can negatively impact a low-slope roof. Roof coatings are water-resistant, but in areas of the country where water is a prominent feature of the weather, a silicone roof coating will be optimal.

Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks?

While it is true that coatings can stop minor leaks, the roof should be properly repaired and dried before any roof coatings are applied. As a matter of fact, as part of a proper roof coating installation, the roof must be thoroughly cleaned. After all dirt and debris are cleaned from the roof, the holes and cracked in the roof can be repaired. After that procedure has commenced, the roof coating installation can occur. With proper repairs and roof maintenance, commercial property owners can see their roof coating last a long time before their next roof replacement.

Should I Seal My Roof?

Are you wondering whether or not you should seal your roof? The answer is fairly straightforward. Sealing a roof will potentially help prevent leaks and keep water from the underlayment of your roof. If you have a metal roof it will need to be sealed every two to three years in order to remain in good condition. Sealing a roof is considered a pre-emptive measure that is easier than installing metal shingles or asphalt shingles.

How Long Does Roof Sealant Last?

The most important part of any roof installation is the skill level. If you have a skilled and experienced roofing company that is utilizing the proper tools, methods and materials, you can expect your roof installation to last longer than most. Typically, roof coatings last approximately ten years. As previously mentioned, with an exceptional roof coating installation, your roof longevity can be extended.

Will Elastomeric Roof Coating Stop Leaks

In a proper and thoroughly applied elastomeric roof coating installation, commercial property owners can rest satisfied that their roof coating will perform well against roof leaks. These roof coatings are specially designed to stop leaks for different roof applications. Whether a property owner has a metal, layered asphalt, single-ply membrane, or different kind of roofing material, an elastomeric roof coating will perform exceptionally well.

What is Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coatings perform well in areas of the country where water is a natural part of the prevailing weather patterns. In addition, silicone roof coatings can be applied to practically any existing roof surface. Once applied, silicone roof coatings create a seamless membrane that will protect the roof from normal roof concerns such as severe weather an ultraviolet light.

What is Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic roof coatings are a liquid-applied, seamless roof coating that is formed in situ on the roof. In normal circumstances, acrylic roof coatings are applied five to ten times thicker than house paint.

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What is Cool Roof Coating

Cool roof coatings are an exceptional choice for commercial property owners that live in hot or arid climates. These roof coatings are white or have special reflective pigments that reflect sunlight. Cool roof coatings are available for most roof types.

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