Is a metal roof worth it?

home with a metal roof

The Benefits of Metal Roof Installation

Metal roof installation jobs have increased over the past few years in Texas for several reasons. The resistance to fire and hail, the energy-efficient aspect, and the style and curb appeal a metal roof offers. But are they more expensive to have installed, and if so, are they worth that extra expense? Read along as we answer some common questions about metal roofing! 

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?

Yes but also no! Yes, a metal roof installation is usually going to cost more than an asphalt shingle roof, though this typically depends on the quality of the material. There are more expensive asphalt shingles and less expensive metal roofing. 

So the quality of the roofing material you choose can affect the cost. You also have to factor in the benefits you’ll have with a metal roof installation that offset the extra cost: 

Durable and Long-Lasting

A metal roof installation will give you a durable roof with a long lifespan. That in itself makes up for the higher upfront cost. Today, over 25% of the homeowners choosing metal roofing cited the long lifespan for their decision. With the estimated lifespan to be up to 70 years or longer, and a manufacturer warranty up to 50 years versus the 30 year maximum lifespan of asphalt roofing, a metal roof is the better choice. 

Environmentally Friendly

A traditional asphalt shingle roof is made with petroleum-based materials. Because they have to be replaced every 20 years on average, that puts approximately 20 billion pounds of old shingles into already overflowing landfills each year. 

A metal roof installation is a sustainable alternative with 25% of it coming from recycled materials. If and when a metal roof has to be replaced, the old metal is 100% recyclable, and steel metal roofing never loses its strength even with repeated recycling. 

Additionally, the material is lightweight with a metal roof installation so installing it over an existing asphalt roof is possible in most cases. That not only saves the homeowner money by not having the tear-off factor to deal with, it also keeps those shingles out of landfills. 


Another area where you’ll recoup the higher price of a metal roof installation is the cooling and heating costs. A metal roof will reflect the UV rays, keeping your house cooler in the summer and saving upwards of 25% on your energy bills. This is a big bonus in Texas where the summers are hot and humid! 


A metal roof installation today isn’t anything like the barn metal roofs you see out in the country. Today, the choices in metals range from aluminum or copper to galvanized steel or zinc. Meanwhile, the range of colors is almost endless. 

Is there a metal roof that looks like shingles?

Yes, and that is one reason so many homeowners are choosing metal roof installation. Among all the benefits we’ve listed, with a metal shingle roof, your home won’t be a total stand-out from the others, yet it will have a curb appeal that people notice. In the meantime, you’re enjoying the benefits of a metal roof! 

What type of metal roof is best?

There are two basic types of metal roof installation, each having its own pros and cons. The two types are:

  • Exposed Fastener: A metal roof with overlapping panels is installed directly to the roof decking and the fasteners are exposed and visible. The fasteners are painted to match the metal panels so they don’t stand out. This is the more economical choice. 
  • Concealed Fastener: For a homeowner that doesn’t want the fasteners exposed, this metal roof installation is done so that the fasteners are hidden. The metal is held in place by hidden clips connecting it to the roof decking. Referred to as a mechanical seam fastening, it usually holds up better in coastal areas where hurricane winds are predominant. 

Which metal roof is best for residential properties?

When choosing among the five types of metal roof installation materials, the advantages and the cons of each need to be considered when choosing one for your home. Often, it is the cost that will result in your final choice with copper and its aesthetic appeal being on the expensive end of the spectrum. However, there are other things to think about. A zinc metal roof installation is the most environmentally friendly of all, and aluminum is best for coastal living. 

Choose a roofing contractor that is experienced in metal roof installation and they can discuss the benefits and downfalls of each after inspecting your home. This way, they can advise you on which to choose according to the climate and environment as well as your budget concerns. 

What color metal roof is the coolest?

In Texas, it is recommended to go with a color that will reflect the hot UV rays because we have more hot weather than cold weather here. This would lead to beige, gray, or white metal roofing; even a light blue or light green will provide you a cooler roof during the summer. 

Can you paint a metal roof?

Yes – with proper preparation, painting a metal roof is possible. We would recommend having it professionally painted so that you have some warranty on the work. A thought to keep in mind is once you paint a metal roof, you’ll need to repaint every three to five years to maintain the look. If you’ve chosen metal roof installation for the minimal maintenance, painting it may not be something you want to do. 

What are the problems with metal roofs? 

Many people find themselves asking questions like, “Are metal roofs noisy?” when considering a metal roof installation. So first, let’s address the noise factor. A metal roof installation that is done correctly won’t be any noisier than an asphalt shingle roof. Some problems that do exist with metal roofing are: 

#1: Oil Canning: Also referred to as elastic buckling or stress wrinkling. An issue with standing seam metal roof installation when the metal is over-stressed. 

#2: Leaking: With a metal roof installation, any leaking roof is typically from poor installation. If you experience a leaking metal roof, hire a metal roofing contractor that is experienced in how to fix a leaking metal roof and offers a warranty on their work.

#3: Scuffing and Scratching: This is an issue if you paint your metal roof, like anything that is painted post factory, it can be easily scratched or scuffed by tree limbs or flying debris.

#4: Corrosion: Let your roofing contractor guide you on the best type of metal for your home so you won’t have this issue. 

#5: Mixed Metal and Materials: Any time different metals are combined in any situation, not just a metal roof installation, it can cause the roof to degrade faster, stain and even cause it to fail in providing proper coverage. 

#6: Chalking and Fading: This is the white residue that will appear on a metal roof that has been coated or painted. It happens because of extensive UV exposure. As the UV rays break down the pigments, the paint will begin to fade. 

worker installing a metal roof

Closing Words

Metal roof installation can give you home a totally new look from the curbside and up close. Homeowners that have chosen a metal roof and had it installed properly are generally satisfied and have no regrets in their decision. This means the answer to the question of “Is a metal roof worth it?” is a resounding yes!