When to Remove Your Old Roof For a Roof Replacement

Roofer Completing a Roof Replacement

We Can Help You Understand if Your Roof Needs to Be Removed Before Your Roof Replacement.

If you need to replace your residential roofing materials, you are probably looking for ways to save money. One of the main ways to save money on a roof replacement is to have your new roofing materials installed directly on top of the current roof. This saves both time and money, but it may not always be the best option. If you’re looking to hire a roofing company that will help you understand the best way to complete your roof replacement to give your home a strong, durable roof, contact the office of Freetail Roofing.

Should You Remove the Old Roof

There are certain instances when tearing off the old roofing materials is the only way to go. Installing the new roof on top of the old roof in these circumstances could cause more harm than good. Here are three situations when you absolutely must remove the old roof first.

Your Roof Has 2 or More Layers
The framing and support structure of your roofing system can only handle so much weight all at once. Installing more than two layers of roofing materials on your roof could lead to a roof collapse.

Your Roof Has a Leak
Chances are if your roof is leaking through your ceiling, it means there is water damage to the roof sheathing and the framing of your roof. In order to maintain the integrity of your roof, these problems need to be fixed, which requires removing the old materials to get to the structure underneath.

Your Roof Sags
A saggy roof is an indicator that the roof framing is weak and rotting. It is going to need to be repaired before it will be able to hold the weight of one layer of roofing materials, let alone two layers of roofing materials.

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