Service and Installation of Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles have stood as a notable improvement in home roofing tech. First-rate design capacities are one improvement of these materials, which are a distinct product completely dissimilar from standard asphalt shingles. Freetail Roofing heartily encourages architectural shingles as a superior solution for practically everyone in need of a new roof for their house or business. We provide expert installation services for architectural shingles throughout Austin, TX, and back our service with impeccable customer attention and flawless workmanship. Call us today to schedule your appointment at (512) 299-6576.

Across the multiple positives of these shingles, it’s difficult to beat the roof system’s general effectiveness. Added strength is just one of the many benefits architectural shingles, also referred to as laminate, dimensional, or composite shingles, present over the standard variety. To discover more in regards to the installation of architectural shingles in Austin, TX, give our team a call today at (512) 299-6576.

The Benefits of Architectural Shingles

shingle roof on residential homeAn architectural shingle roof has many positive attributes for the residence and homeowner. A roofing selection through Freetail Roofing guarantees that a property owner knows any positive attributes of their choice. A selection of this type of shingle will endow your house with a range of advantages. We provide the information you need to not only distinguish between standard asphalt, impact-resistant, and architectural shingles but offer advice on the best system for your home.

Cost: An architectural shingle roof is more budget-friendly than other luxury selections like cedar shake or metal options. Though more expensive than asphalt shingles, these shingles come with added durability to compensate for the higher cost. With fewer maintenance requirements or needs for replacement, an architectural shingle roofing system will compensate for this added expense across the years.

Durability: Typical roof shingles present only a layer of material installed on the underlying wood. Extra levels of hardier asphalt describe the layering of architectural shingle roofs. Should you reside in a place vulnerable to high winds, you can breathe easier with architectural shingles’ wind rating of up to 120 mph.

Appearance: An architectural shingle roof can be customized through an exceptional range of selections that may mimic slate or cedar shake roofing systems. An architectural shingle roofing system also has fewer service needs than standard choices.

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The pick of materials for your new roofing system has a significant impact on the cost of installation. Though not as economical as some choices, architectural shingles possess reduced upkeep requirements and are much less prone to suffer damage from the weather. To hear more about the special benefits that this roofing provides, please reach out to our team at (512) 299-6576. Freetail Roofing sets the standard for the installation of architectural shingles in Austin, TX.