Synthetic Shingles Repair & Installation

The roofing world has become filled with a massive array of options for buyers. We want our clients to fully understand the abilities of each and every selection they are presented with, so we strive to provide clarity in our presentation of all options. The availability of synthetic roofing materials has revolutionized the roofing industry. If you want a roof with a luxury appeal at a reasonable price, then synthetic shingles will serve you well.

At Freetail Roofing, we provide unbeatable work for roofs across our local area. Our expansive experience in roofing permits us to provide homeowners a perfect installation of synthetic materials. A roof’s installation has far-reaching effects in terms of durability. There’s no need to worry yourself in regards to the level of installation if you hire our expert team. To find out additional information in regards to our offerings with synthetic roofing materials in Austin, TX, give us a shout today at (512) 299-6576.

The Benefits of Synthetic Roofing Materials

shingle roof in the process of being installedFor a budget-friendly substitute to ceramic, slate, or wood shingle roofs, you cannot go wrong with synthetic roofing. Some luxury roofing materials will actually compare unfavorably to synthetic shingles in regards to price and sturdiness. Resistance to damaging weather is an additional beneficial trait of synthetic shingles. As if these characteristics weren’t enough, synthetic shingles have further beneficial qualities.

Style and Appearance: Synthetic shingles are just about identical to their more pricey substitutes when installing a roofing solution. To further make your roof unique, you can choose from an array of colors and shapes, like chiseled-tip, rounded, or the usual square-cut shingle.

Lightweight: One problem with ceramic and slate shingles comes from their heaviness. Some houses just will not hold the burden, while some may need reinforcement. Synthetic shingles possess a light density that eliminates the need for extra strengthening prior to installation. Synthetic shingles also apply quickly, an additional benefit of their weight and makeup.

Durability: Few roof materials can match the utter durability of synthetic shingles. Fabricated to endure through the decades, these products are usually constructed from rubber and crushed slate, with steel added to the equation for extra strength. Strong shingles such as these conserve cost on service and repair and retain their attractive appearance down through the years.

Synthetic Shingle Selections For Your Roof

If you have always wanted the appearance of tile, slate, or wood shingles for a residence, then Freetail Roofing is the contractor to work with.

  • Synthetic Slate Roof Learn why this roof is often preferred over natural slate, and whether it’s a good option for your home’s roof.
  • Synthetic Wood Roof This material offers the look of wood without the downfalls. Find out about it’s lower maintenance, cost, and fire danger.
  • Synthetic Tile Roof Discover how this light-weight tile alternative can serve as the perfect roofing solution for your home.

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