Austin, TX Wood Shake Roof Installation

Do you want a roof for your residence that is durable, eco-friendly, and has an elegant appearance? You should think about wood shake roof installation services in Austin, TX if you believe that meets your roof criteria. Our roofing company offers a variety of residential roofing materials, but our most unique product is the wood shake roofing system. Although shake roofs aren’t seen around much, their aesthetic charm and quality make them a remarkable roof for residential property owners to look into. Get in contact with Freetail Roofing now by calling (512) 299-6576 to learn more about wood shake roofing installation for your Austin, TX residence.

Perks And Drawbacks Of Wood Shake Roofing

residential wood shake roofChoosing to install a wood-shake roof to your home entails many notable benefits. When contrasted to asphalt shingle roofing systems, cedar shake roofing systems are way distinguished in terms of weather protection. You are able to count on wood-shake roofing to hold up to high winds, and also falling debris such as hail and tree limbs. This roofing system is not only wind tolerant, also aesthetically appealing due to its natural appearance but you will also notice an improvement in heating and cooling costs each month. Nevertheless, a wood shake roofing system also comes with some large disadvantages, such as extensive maintenance requirements and costly installation. A property owner that wishes to have a wood shake roof must be prepared to complete the maintenance requirements or the roof will quickly degenerate. One other point of worry is that clients who reside in locations that are susceptible to fires should rethink wood shake roofs. Being made of wood, this material is naturally a flammable roofing system.

We Are Wood Shake Roof Installation Specialists

When you are wanting a wood shake roofing installation in Austin, TX, call us today at (512) 299-6576. Our roofers are licensed and qualified to install wood shake roofing systems and our main goal is to offer client satisfaction in each project. We will walk our clients through the entire roofing process and answer all queries regarding the service or the residential roof selection they want. At our roofing company our greatest concentration isn’t the sale, but to ensure that the roofing system you are interested in is the perfect roof for your needs and your home.