Dependable Ceramic Roof Tile Installation

Do you need a roofing material that will protect your home with superior resiliency, as well as increase your property value? In this instance, a ceramic tile roof could provide the perfect solution for you as well as your home. Ceramic roof tiles are known for providing an exceptional selection of colors and options, along with impressive protection. Call (512) 299-6576 to ask any of our roofers how your home can benefit from ceramic roof tiles in Austin, TX, or the nearby cities. Our expert roofers have expertise with all kinds of tile roof installations, and we deliver only the highest quality of roofing services.

The Difference Between Clay And Ceramic Roof Tiles

chimney with ceramic tilesOftentimes, professional roofers may speak about ceramic roof tiles and clay tiles as if they are the same, regardless of the fact that there are some slight differences to keep in mind. Though all tile roofs offer impressive fire protection, wind resistance, as well as resiliency in damaging weather patterns, ceramic tile is slightly more brittle than clay and therefore provides slightly less durability. Ceramic tiles do have the added benefit of more styles and colors from the manufacturing process, which are not available for clay tiles. While ceramic tiles will require more maintenance than a clay tile roof, they don’t require the amount of maintenance that a wood shake or shingle roof would need. Dependable protection and prolonged lifespan¬†are two major features the two materials have in common, and other than the differences listed here, the two are essentially the same in regards to performance. If you hope to enjoy the perks of a tile roof, keep in mind that your ceramic roof tile installation must be completed by an expert¬†roofer for best results.

Ceramic Tile Roof Installation Services

Throughout the globe, tile roofing systems have been a reliable and desired roofing option for hundreds of years. As is expected, tile roofs are not recognized for being cheap, but they are known for being worth every penny, thanks to how long they last, and how well they protect the home. It is common for ceramic tile roof installations to last over 80 years in good conditions, and the materials are so dependable, the manufacturers often provide extended warranties. Ceramic roof tile materials are not only stylish but also impressively durable, especially against mold and fire. Contact us today at (512) 299-6576 to request your information or service for ceramic roof tiles throughout Austin, TX and the nearby area.