Shiny Metal: Top 3 Choices for Your Metal Roof

Metal Tile Roof

You’ll Find Metal Roofing in Many Textures, Colors, and Shapes.

Are you considering a brilliant new metal roof for your home? It’s easy to understand the amazing long-term value and protection that a metal roof can provide, but it’s a little harder to choose which metal is the one for you. To help you out, here is a breakdown of three top metal roofing materials on the market.

Option #1: Steel Systems

Steel is a fantastic investment, as it provides fantastic strength and value per square foot. Out of the three metals listed, steel is the slowest to show signs of aging. It’s also surprisingly light, making it simple to install. While normal steel is susceptible to rusting, homeowners can avoid this by choosing steel dipped in zinc (also known as galvanized steel), or a galvalume steel.

Option #2: Aluminum Assembly

Out of all the metals on available in the residential roofing market, aluminum offers some of the strongest resistance to corrosion and rusting, making it a great choice for climates with higher acidic air content. The metal is naturally reflective as well, meaning it prevents more solar heat from entering your home and taxing your HVAC unit. Aluminum dulls with age, but a simple coating can easily fix that issue.

Option #3: Copper Constructs

While it has the highest startup costs of the three metals, copper supplies phenomenal protection and property value over its long lifetime. Steel and aluminum can both last around 70 years, but copper roofing will endure for over a century. In terms of curb appeal, the premium metal looks better with age as it develops a unique blue/green hue over the years. No two copper roofs look the same.

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