Types of Siding

There Are Many Types of Siding, Like Vinyl, Stone, and Wood

Siding comes in many forms, from stone to the classic vinyl panels. Like its name implies, it literally goes on the side of homes to help protect the bare foundation from the sun, weather, and animals, while also boosting curb appeal with its nice aesthetic.

Benefits of The Different Types of Siding


Vinyl is one of the most common and affordable types of siding, and can last up to 40 years while being the cheapest type of siding! It is easy to clean and repair, and can withstand weather and UV rays. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors and can also be applied as horizontal, vertical, scalloped or shingle siding to help customize the appearance of your home.


Because brick siding is so durable, they are the most expensive siding option available, but there are tons of benefits. It never needs to be repainted, withstands all weather, and is fire resistant. All these benefits help this siding last for 100 years or longer!


If you like the natural look and don’t mind doing a little more maintenance with your home, then you will like wood shingles. Wood shingle siding is lightweight and can be painted over, are energy efficient and eco-friendly, but they get damaged by insects, fire, and water easily.


Metal siding like aluminum and steel are good for homes in coastal areas as the siding won’t rust from salt air. They also won’t rot or mold, have little maintenance, are eco-friendly, and are fire resistant.

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